Raymond Hearn Golf Course Designs, Inc. Press Release

For Immediate Release
April 12th, 2010

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via email or at +1.616.399.7686

Raymond Hearn named one of the Highest Valued Golf Course
Designers in the United States by Golf Inc Magazine

Golf Inc. magazine has identified its first-ever list of the “Best Value” golf course architects in it's March 2010 issue. The magazine requested average fees and number of recent project from all active architects in the world.

The magazine’s editors then rated each architect for value, based on fee price and quality of recent work.  Raymond Hearn Golf Course Designs, Inc. was named to the 'Top Ten' list.

“Future new development in the United States and other more mature markets will depend upon projects that pencil out,” said Jack Crittenden, Editor In Chief of Golf Inc. “A smart financial project starts with an affordable architect. We feel it is important to highlight the architects who can help developers build more affordable golf courses.”

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