Raymond Hearn Golf Course Designs Presents...

An Introduction to Golf Course Design

by Raymond Hearn, ASGCA, ASLA, LLA

Would you like to learn more about golf course design? Now is your chance! By popular demand, Raymond Hearn Golf Course Designs, Inc. is now offering a golf course design seminar entitled “An Introduction to Golf Course Design”. This very affordable, information-packed, professional seminar offers great flexibility for busy students, professionals and golf enthusiast alike. If you would like to gain basic knowledge and appreciation for this great profession at a pace that works for your schedule, email Raymond Hearn today!

Who will benefit from this Professional Seminar?
▪ Anyone interested in learning about golf course architecture
▪ Those considering a career in golf course architecture
▪ Recreational Golfers
▪ Club Board or Committee Members
▪ Golf Course Owners
▪ Golf Course Contractors
▪ Clubhouse Architects
▪ Golf Course Operators
▪ Golf Professionals

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▪ Assistant Golf Professionals
▪ Golf Club Managers ▪ Assistant Golf Club Managers
▪ Golf Course Superintendents
▪ Assistant Superintendents
▪ Landscape Architects
▪ Civil Engineers
▪ Land Planners
▪ Hotel Management Personnel
▪ Resort Operators
▪ Various Golf Associations

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